UX Research & Design

  • Client: Ivy's Bakery

  • Year: 2022

  • Tools Used: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Procreate

  • Research Methods: Qualitative Research, User Journey, Site Map, Competitve Analysis


Originally started off as a content creator for youtube and twitch, Ivy's baking good has been getting a lot of movement with catering. With information only available through social media platforms, Ivy's bakery was in need of solid brand identity that includes logo, typography, web site, business card, and marketing strategy.

      Creative Brief

    • Business Details:

      Company Name: Ivy Pie's Bakery
      Products or Services Offered: A variety of baking goods that are usually vegan and gluten-free.

    • Brand Positioning:

      Target Market: Will target audience of 20-50, middle class, that are advocate to a healthy lifestyle.

    • Brand Personality:

      Traits: charismatic, compassionate, creative, energetic, friendly, healthy, natural, warm
      Point of Difference: This bakery shop inspires others to be active in taking care of their health by providing delicious baking goods that aren't typically found in typical baking ingredients.

Illustration of Twitch Streamer ivysaurlovespie


Strategy Roadmap

Use research to inform the improvement of Ivy Pie Bakery’s niche and design – Strategy map would be used for both the branding elements and the web design.

Resources: For Social Media Platforms

Picture of emotes for Twitch Streams

      Competitive Analysis

    • Opportunities and Suggested Actions:

      In this chart there is six different small businesses near Ivy Pie Bakery that have the same objective and the services they offer in their navigation. With this information we are able to identify key elements for a business and things that work well.

    • Conclusion

      Ivy Pie Bakery is one of four competitors that does not have a cart to checkout. Suggestion for future plans is making the site into a full e-commerce site in which people can easily checkout and place an order

Illustration of Twitch Streamer ivysaurlovespie

Site Map

Overview of where all the content will be living in the site and overall the navigation requirements.

    Sketches for Homepage