User Experience Research

  • Client: UTA

  • Year: 2021

  • Tools Used: Ps/Xd/Miro/Ae


  • This was a team project working remotely with other ux students whose objective was to collaborate and add features to the already existing UTA MyMav, backing our decisions to add the features with research.

    Step 1: Discovery through Research

  • The Start:

Our team of 4 researchers started off with an web/mobile audit. We focus on distinguish features, colors, and any micro interactions if it had any. We found that MyMav is essentially just a hub for students' essential needs with registration and payments.

  • Research through interviews (Mental Models):

Interviews with UTA Students
Mindmap collaborating with others through sticky notes.
Created a persona for the students.
Customer Journey through MyMav

    Step 2: Defining the Research

After understanding the basics, we created out user flows and sitemaps checking in with the others to make sure each map and flow were iterated based on our goals and needs to design this feature. Both user flow and site map are respectively shown below.

Sitemap of MyMav

    Step 3: Designing Features

Once we figured out user flows and sitemap we began sketching out the new ideas for MyMav and began going from low fidelity mockups to clickable prototypes.



Integrated new features and redesign sitemap that gives users an easier navigation experience and a quick interactive design that shows task being completed in a timely matter.

@2021 Jazmin Moncada